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Site Map

The following headings describe the main sections to be found on Wiltshire Pathways:

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About Pathways

The origins of Wiltshire Children's Service Pathways Project and its contribution to the development of Wiltshire Children's Services.

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Children and Young Peoples Plan

The Children and Young People’s Plan has been produced by the Wiltshire Children & Young People’s Trust Board. Its purpose is to describe how it is intended to improve the wellbeing of children & young people in Wiltshire. You can read how the Plan was developed, the Plan itself, supporting and additional information and how specialist plans contribute to the over-arching Children & Young People’s Plan.

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Children's Trust

A description of what Children's Trust Arrangements are all about and how they are being developed in Wiltshire, including the expanding role of the Children & Young People's Trust Board.

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Contact & Links

You can contact us about any matter.

You can help us improve the detail and accuracy of information on the site, suggest improvements or raise queries.

If you have a website, you can paste in the link from this page and help your users to access information from the Pathways site.

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Document Library

You can access more than 400 documents relating to the development of children & young people's services in Wiltshire, including Child Protection; Wiltshire Children's Trust; Information Sharing; Mental Health; and the "Pathways" Project. Key local strategic plans and how they contribute to each other can also be viewed on the Plans and Strategies page.

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Read news about the latest developments.

The page provides news headlines relevant to children's services providers in Wiltshire.

Send in your own news to appear on the site. You can submit news for possible publication on the site by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

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Terms & Conditions

Make sure you read these in order to know the basis on which information on the site is provided and about our privacy policy and copyright.

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Find out about training and apply online.

The website offers a 'market place' for training opportunities for children's services. You can get details of training courses for the topics you are interested in. You can apply online by clicking on the application form at the bottom of every individual course page.

Promote your conferences and training courses - If you have conferences or training courses that you want added to the site you can use the link on the main Training page to submit the details for possible approval and publication.

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Troubled Children

Wiltshire's Integrated Access System for children & young people requiring mental health services.

These pages describe "New Pathways for troubled children & young people", arrangements for accessing services to help with emotional, behavioural and other mental health problems on a multi-agency basis. Through these pages, you can: read up about these arrangements; access an index of mental health concerns and information about "what works" prepared by Oxford University; find out how to get help in Wiltshire, including downloading forms for use as part of the Integrated Access System & find out what to do in an emergency.

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Quick Search

You can search the site by putting a word (or combination of words) into Quick Search (put the words in apostrophes ' ' to search for a combination such as ‘anger management’) or you can review our list of keywords. The search results will show you the highest match first and are categorised at the top of the results page (eg as documents, services, plans, training, news, etc.

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“What to do”

What to do – if children & young people need additional help.
You can view information related to –

1. Child Protection
Providing guidance on what to do if a child or young person is at serious risk.

2. CAF (Common Assessment)
Information on how to undertake an assessment using the common assessment framework.

3. Lead Professional
Further information and guidance for those acting as lead professionals.

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