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Active Consultations

There are currently no active consultations.

Closed Consultations – awaiting final publication

Draft report: Children and Young People’s Plan 2016-19 – Draft for Consultation
Closing date: Friday 22 April 2016
Description: We have made a collective decision in Wiltshire to continue to work together to develop services to improve outcomes and make a difference for our children and young people. This high level 3 year plan will give us the focus we need to keep us moving together in the right direction, and will help us to show that we are listening and responding to what children, young people and parents are telling us. The 2016-19 Plan refreshes and builds on the previous plan; our overall objectives remain the same, although work on the ground will change. The detail of actions we will take and how we will measure our progress is included in a range of commissioning strategies and implementation plans, which can be found on this website. This draft plan is now closed for consultation and will be reviewed by the Children’s Trust Commissioning Executive In May with a view to sign off and publication.

Published Strategies and Documents

For final published strategies and associated documents please go to our Published Strategies page.

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