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Active Consultations

Draft report: Child Health Improvement Strategy 2014-19
Closing date: Friday 19 September 2014
Description:Wiltshire’s Child Health Improvement Strategy identifies the strategic objectives that are needed to ensure that its children and young people experience optimal health, both in childhood and throughout their lives. It recognises that child health is dependent on the family and environment in which it lives, plays and learns. We are committed to understanding and reducing health inequalities within our county, and have highlighted where we know these exist across a range of health outcomes such obesity, and childhood accidents. These inequalities will be targeted in the Child Health Improvement Implementation plan.
Supporting documents: Consultation questions for guidance.
Consultation responses/enquiries: To send feedback on the draft strategy please email your response to

Closed Consultations – awaiting final publication

Draft report: Child Poverty Strategy 2014-2020
Consultation closed: Friday 4th July 2014
Description: Local Authorities have a statutory requirement to produce a child poverty needs assessment and strategy. This draft strategy has been developed by the multi-disciplinary Child Poverty Group which reports to the Wiltshire Children & Young People’s Trust Executive.
Supporting documents: Child Poverty Needs Assessment 2014.

Draft report: Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health 2014-17
Consultation closed: Friday 18th July 2014
Description:The purpose of the Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Commissioning Strategy is to improve the emotional wellbeing and mental health of Wiltshire’s children and young people. This draft strategy has been produced in line with the Wiltshire Children and Young People’s Trust Commissioning Framework and updates the previous strategy which covered the period 2011 to 2014.

Published Strategies and Documents

For final published strategies and associated documents please go to our
Published Strategies page.

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