Accessing help for children & young people with emotional & behavioural problems


In an emergency, where a child or young person has made a suicide attempt or is thought to have a mental disorder and is presenting a serious risk of harm to themselves or to others, an urgent referral should be made. Emergency referrals should be directed in the first instance to the local Community CAMHS team via the Duty Clinician:

Melksham 01865 903777

Salisbury 01722 336262 ext 2779

Marlborough 01865 904666

Wiltshire’s Little Book for Children & Young People

Children, young people, parents, carers and professionals can access Wiltshire’s Little Book on Support for Wellbeing and Mental Health. This book provides information on who does what in Wiltshire to help and support children and young people to have good mental health.

Discover ‘What Works for Troubled Children’

Access our index of mental health concerns and discover 'what works' in relation to a range of problem areas. These pages (almost 1,300!) provide information about evidence-based interventions for children and young people with emotional and behavioural and other mental health problems. The content is updated regularly by the Centre for Evidence Based Interventions at the University of Oxford (following a peer-review and practitioner-check process) and is brought to you via a partnership between the University of Oxford, Research in Practice and Wiltshire Children & Young People's Trust.

Do you need additional help? - making a referral

If you think that additional help is required to respond to the concern you have, you can seek professional advice from the CAMHS services and/or make a referral. Full guidance on mental health referrals can be found here. You will need to:

1. Discuss with the parent/carer and, wherever possible, the young person about making a referral and get their consent.
2. Provide information about the child or young person and their difficulties by completing the new Single Point Access form for mental health services.
3. Send the referral form(s) to the Single Point of Access CAMHS Referral, Melksham Hospital, Spa Road, Melksham, SN12 7NZ (full service contact details are on the form).

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