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16-25 SEND Commissioning Strategy | Last Updated: 20 August 2014
Published September 2013
The Children & Young People’s Trust has developed a 16-25 Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Support Commissioning Strategy which sets out how we intend to better plan for and prepare young people with SEND for positive outcomes in adulthood within Wiltshire. Nationally the future shape of provision and support for young people with SEND has been subject to a radical rethink. A key feature is to put more choice and control in the hands of parents/carers and young people themselves. This strategy explains Wiltshire’s vision; the national and local context; a comprehensive needs analysis; views of stakeholders; examples of best practice; a review of existing services and learning provision; financial expenditure; commissioning priorities; and how the strategy will be taken forward and implemented.
Multi-agency Transition Protocol | Last Updated: 20 August 2014
This is a newly agreed document produced by the Multi Agency Transition Board that outlines the roles and responsibilities of the key agencies involved in the transition to adulthood of young people with additional needs. Its central aim is that all the professionals involved in transition work together to support the young person at the centre of the process, and work in partnership with their parents or carers.
Our Wiltshire Short Breaks Statement | Last Updated: 21 November 2011
October 1 2011
Wiltshire Short Breaks Services Statement, published October 1 2011.
Supporting the inclusion of children and young people 0 – 19 with a specific healthcare need in Wiltshire | Last Updated: 20 March 2011
Practice Guidance - Joint Agency Document
A practice guidance for supporting the inclusion of children and young people with a specific healthcare need in Wiltshire. Following the development of Every Disabled Child Matters and Aiming High for Disabled Children this document aims to give guidance and structure to meeting the intervention needs of a child or young person in Wiltshire settings, including early years setting, schools, youth groups, playschemes, after school clubs, social care settings and council provided transport to these opportunities.

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