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Healthcare Needs - Document Library

Developing a Setting Policy for the Administration of medication | Last Updated: 26 October 2011
For any setting in Wiltshire.
Form and Guidance for the Emergency Adminstration of Medicines | Last Updated: 26 October 2011
Fo non school setting
This framework should be used as a guide in respect of each child/young person where emergency or other irregular procedures may be required. Guidance is provided under each section of the form.
Healthcare Needs Risk Assessment | Last Updated: 29 February 2012
This form should be completed by the setting in liaison with the appropriate nursing representative and the parents.
Joint Agency Practice Guidance | Last Updated: 4 July 2013
Supporting the inclusion of children and young people 0 - 19 with a specific health care need in Wiltshire
Sample Parental Consent Form | Last Updated: 26 October 2011
Parental agreement on general administration of medication.
Training record form | Last Updated: 26 October 2011
Record of training given to implement clinical procedure.
Wiltshire Health Services Training Matrix | Last Updated: 26 October 2011
Information on specific dates for the training listed below can be found under 'Training'.

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