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Programmes about Parenting

The purpose of a parenting programme is to change the way in which parents behave towards their children in order to improve the effectiveness with which they respond to their child’s physical, emotional, educational (intellectual/cognitive), social and cultural needs. They follow a structured programme or curriculum, usually in a group but sometimes on a one-to-one basis. Elements of the programme are likely to include:
• developing understanding of the child’s behaviour and emotional needs
• learning new ways of responding to the child and managing their behaviour

Access and Availability :
Parenting programmes are provided by a range of organisations, including health visitors, schools and voluntary organisations. There is at present no single information point to find out about courses. Possible sources of information about courses in your locality are: health visitors, schools, school nurses, social workers, family centres and "ASK" (08457 585072).

Specific Issue :
Ref H2: Children & young people who get into trouble with the law or are involved in antisocial behaviour

How Programmes about Parenting can help with this issue:
Parenting programmes may be specifically concerned with young people involved in or at risk of offending and with helping parents to be more effective in managing their behaviour.

Programmes about Parenting Access Points :
Parenting Service at ask (formerly Parenting Wiltshire)
UK Parent Coaching

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