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Family Centres

Family Centres provide a range of services including:
practical advice and support for parents;
groups to support parents and promote parenting skills;
support groups for children
individual sessions with children and with parents.

Access and Availability :
Family Centres are available in only a few parts of Wiltshire. Most have some services that are open access but others services can be accessed only by those referred with high levels of need.

Specific Issue :
Ref C1: Children & young people who receive poor physical care

How Family Centres can help with this issue:
Family Centres provide a range of services, which may contribute to reducing problems relating to physical care. These can include practical advice and support for parents; groups to promote parenting skills (including those relating to child care routines); support groups involving children with physical care needs. Drop-in services which model appropriate physical care, particularly by providing healthy snacks for children. Family Centres work alongside other agencies to assess family needs, strengths and weaknesses.

Family Centres Access Points :
Wessex Family Centre (Action for Children)
Wiltshire Family Support - Ashdown Family Centre
Wiltshire Family Support - Calne Family Centre

Other Services that can provide help on this issue:

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