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UK Parent Coaching

General Description : UK Parent coaching offers one to one telephone and face-to-face coaching for mums and dads. We also run groups for parents that help them to explore important family issues - find solutions and take action. We advise on how to manage challenging child behaviour, and help parents to feel more confident and less stressed.
Who can use the service : We work with parents and children of all ages. We offer a fee based service for parents who would like to look at parenting issues on an individual basis.
 Contact Details :
Dr Jenny Leonard

Email: info@ukparentcoaching.co.uk
Tel : 01225 864840
Visit their website at : www.ukparentcoaching.co.uk

Opening Hours : Monday to Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Can you call in? No, face to face or telephone consultations are by appointment only.
Other Services : Individual consultations for parents experiencing family issues such as sleep, eating, and behavioural difficulties, ADHD etc.
Help Available : 08c Help with a healthy lifestyle
10a Support for early attachment
12a Help with child development - feeding
13a Help with child development - sleeping
15a Parenting advice & support (one-to-one)
17a Help with children’s behaviour (individual)
18a Guidance for parents of teenagers - offending
19a Guidance for parents of teenagers - self harm
20a Guidance for parents of teenagers - eating disorders
22c Help with communication
23a Assertiveness training
23c Assertiveness training
24a Anger management
24c Anger management
25c Social skills development
26a Stress management
26c Stress management
27c Anxiety management
30a Relationship counselling
31a Family counselling

Issues Responded to : Ref B1: Children whose mothers suffer post-natal depression
Ref B3: Children & young people from families under stress - because of low income and unemployment
Ref B4: Children & young people from families under stress - because of relationship problems (between parents or parent/child)
Ref B9: Children & young people who are at risk of running away
Ref C2: Children & young people who do not receive stimulation, support and encouragement from their family environment, including children whose parents have poor literacy skills
Ref C3: Children & young people who are exposed to emotional stress – through rejection, inconsistent parenting, unrealistic expectations
Ref D3: Children & young people who are out of school - because of exclusion or truancy
Ref E1: Children & young people who are bullied
Ref F1: Preschool children with emotional and behavioural problems
Ref F2: Children (5 - 13) with emotional and behavioural problems
Ref F3: Young people with emotional and behavioural problems
Ref H1: Children & young people involved in drug and alcohol misuse
Ref H2: Children & young people who get into trouble with the law or are involved in antisocial behaviour

Geographical Areas Covered by this Access Point :
Bradford on Avon
Mere & Tisbury
Wootton Bassett

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