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Troubled children and young people - 'What works'

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Fundamental assumptions
The information in these pages is based on the following assumptions:
1. These pages are for use by professional workers only. They are intended as an aid to professional practice.
2. The pages are not intended to be used to assess risk. It is assumed that workers using the site will, through their professional training, be competent to know what cases are likely to be at risk of significant harm.
3. Interventions suggested are based on ‘best’ evidence available to the authors at the point of writing. Where possible this relates to interventions that have been comprehensively tested in trials, but where research evidence is limited or not available a lesser standard of 'current best practice' is used.
4. The use of different interventions will depend on the worker's training and role - for example, direct work with families in the home would not normally be undertaken by teachers.
5. The Senior Practitioners (Children & Young People's Mental Health) is a point of contact if you wish to discuss any of these interventions.

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